The Photographer to the Central Florida Stars

Our December cover photographer Pat O'Rourke talks about The Bears in the City

Model Profile: Taylor Bulloch

Our cover model, Taylor Bulloch, tells us what Santa enjoys in his spare-time.

A Season For Caring…

… About More Than Yourself By Rev. Joel S. Slotnick “Do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests [more…]

Santa, Bring Me a Xanax for Xmas!

Alex Vaughn offers advice on how to handle the foibles of family during the holidays.

A Holiday Message

Brian Thompson reminds us that this season is about being grateful for what we have.

Mark Foley Saves the World

Mark Foley talks about how local environmentalism can save the world.

Shop ‘BurlyShirts’ for Any Holiday

Clancy Atkinson interviews the artist, Shane Ruff, about his popular line of shirts.

Worldwide Acceptance of Each Other

We're all different, but our fight for equality and acceptance is all the same.

Grandma Claus’ Hillbilly Advice

Grandma Hillbilly offers advice to a fan about dealing with family during the holidays.

Cherish the Gift of a Healthy Holiday Season

Tom Bonanti, Personal Trainer, gives you the skinny on how to keep healthy while eating all of these holiday meals and treats.

God and the Soldier

For the holiday issue, Brian Connelly talks about PTSD and how soldiers all over have sufferred due to wars, and he thanks them for [more…]

Light Your Candles… Every One

Lee Jones discusses other faiths that celebrate the holidays during December; Hanukkah and Kwanzaa.

Her Gift is Her Story

Rajee Narinesingh's long-awaited book "Beyond Face Value" is finally released and she explains how it was a gift to finally offer her story to [more…]

The Top 10 Business Gifts

When you’re out buying your presents for your family and friends, you should not forget about the people you spend most of your time [more…]

Christmas Music Mixes

Download Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 of HIM Magazine's Holiday Mixes for the Holidays!

Family Gift Guide

Alex Vaughn, our resident fashion guru, picks his top gift ideas for your family this holiday season.

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